We find the one-in-a-million employee. We take care of the entire selection process to provide you with the right person for your search.

Your only contact person is an Account Manager who guarantees a personalized follow-up. He works with a team of experienced recruiters. The team uses the most advanced research methods available and enjoys an extensive network. Advitek uses its experience and international network to find qualified staff in a short period of time.

After a first phone call we meet with the candidates to analyze their technical skills and their personality. We place great importance on ensuring that the selected candidates are in tune with your work environment and corporate culture.

A selection of the best candidates is then made. We send you their resume and any other information you may need. We also arrange interviews with successful candidates who then go into your own selection process. We only charge a candidate’s commitment. The recruitment and selection process does not commit you financially.

Advitek offers customers

• International operating model
• Independent operating with short decision lines
• Tailor-made agreement
• The right database with qualified candidates
• Follow-up of the candidates
• Personal touch


    Realize more successful projects with a team of professionals provided by Advitek, your partner in technical expertise.

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