Advitek is the new member of FR2S

Advitek is now part of the “FEDERATION FOR RECRUITMENT SEARCH & SELECTION”, abbreviated FR2S.

The federation is in charge of grouping the recruitment, executive search and “headhunter” companies in order to represent the profession and as such, make all the necessary approaches to the official institutions and the inter-branch or professional organizations of the employers and workers.

To accomplish its mission, they work closely with the FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry and will constantly try to contribute to the improvement of the situation of its members or that of the industry. Advitek is also member of the Paperjam Club.

The FR2S consists of effective and honorary members. To become an effective member, the recruiting company must be accepted as an effective member by the Board of Directors. The Board voted unanimously for Advitek’s membership.

We are excited to meet you at the following FR2S events, such as “What’s up”.