Advitek is engaged in innovative digital recruitment

The market of recruitment is digitizing and Advitek has also taken the necessary steps to innovate. The House of HR is very engaged in digital recruitment and has developed an application called “NOWJOBS”.

It is this application that will be used to attract the technical talents so rare and valuable in the markets.

For the development of NOWJOBS, The House of HR founds its inspiration on an already existing application: Tinder. Looking for a job becomes very simple: complete all your data, add a selfie and access the vacancies. Choose where and when you want to work and immediately see your net salary. So you will find a job in just a few clicks. This 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and wherever you are. From contract to pay, everything is 100% mobile and digital.

With this re-invented application process, Advitek is convinced that the personal approach adds essential value. Both employers and candidates are ready to explore these new ways of selling and recruiting into the job market, for both fixed and student jobs.

In addition to its digital recruitment approach, Advitek has also launched its new website The integration of profiles from social networks, a new highly responsive and personalized design adds an original form of intimacy to companies and candidates and optimizes the operational efficiency of recruitment. Advitek wants to attract 20% more candidates (to recruit even more qualified and talented people).