Advitek offers consultants with technical expertise in various fields of engineering, construction, financial technology and industry.

Regardless of the project, Advitek finds the specialists needed to complete the task. If you have short or long-term needs, for one or more projects, we have highly qualified experts who are specialists in the sectors: engineering, construction and finance. While we focus on developing our consultants careers, you can concentrate on your core business.

Our extensive network allows us to search for all types of profiles in all sectors. Our Project Managers have more than 10 years of engineering experience and know-how to better manage time, cost and quality. Choosing Advitek for your recruitment is choosing a reliable and experienced agency that gives you a guarantee of quality.

Advitek offers customers

• Continuity, stability, transparency and solvency
• Single point of contact
• Reduced administrative handling
• Time & Risk Management


    Realize more successful projects with a team of professionals provided by Advitek, your partner in technical expertise.

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    Advitek intègre un outil d’analyse de recrutement innovant dans sa base de données

    La «guerre des talents» bat son plein dans le marché du travail qui se resserre avec des profils de plus en plus dispersés. Chaque jour, cela crée de nouveaux défis et génère de nouvelles opportunités, en matières de réseaux sociaux, de conseils pour l’emploi, d’offres d’emploi et de recrutement. Advitek…

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